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Spring Is The Best Tim‚Äče To Sell

February 12, 2019

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It is widely believed that the best time to sell a house is in the spring.  The truth is NOW is the best time to sell; the present is the time to take action.  Here are a few reasons why winter is a great time to sell.

More Serious Buyers

Winter creates a thinning effect.  Lookie-loos hibernate and take shelter from the cold weather while the more invested, serious buyers continue their search.  This increases the value of each showing and makes your time spent keep the house "showing ready" more valuable.

Show Off Your "Winter Readiness"

During cold weather your house fights against rain, snow, high winds, freezing temperatures, and many other elements that affect your quality of living.  When you sell in the winter, you have a prime opportunity to show off how the vital competes of your house preform: the roof, furnace, insulation, windows, etc.

Baby Boom

September is the biggest month for birthdays.  This means there are a lot of families welcoming their little bundle of joy into the world and, more importantly, the home.  Between the adjustments of another family member, the craziness of the holidays, family visits, etc; it doesn't take long to feel growing pains.  This baby boom has now given you multiple buyers looking for more space and they want it ASAP.

Lower Inventory

During the winter there are fewer homes on the market.  This is partially due to everyone buying into the myth that selling in the winter is a bad idea.  Here's the thing: less houses on the market might create less inventory for buyers but it creates less competition for you and greatly increases the desirability on your house.